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A Year of Loving Kindness to Myself

A Year of Loving Kindness to Myself

Author: Brigid Lowry

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: April 2021

In this gem of a book, award-winning writer Brigid Lowry gently and wryly presents a series of meditations on existence, the self, getting older, suffering, joy, and connection. A keen observer and writer of lists, Lowry explores her suffering and joy, casting on it a keen eye for where seriousness turns into absurdity. She chronicles the frustration of trying and failing to be better and counsels herself and the reader to sit back and let it be. This is the perfect book for anyone who is feeling lost, who is experiencing pain, or fearing the changes wrought by unwelcome changes. A Year of Loving Kindness to Myself will provide comfort when it is needed, and a hearty chuckle along the way.

3-13 June

Love to Read Local Week 2022