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A Thousand Tongues

A Thousand Tongues

Author: Ian Reid

Publisher: Framework Press

Ian Reid twists together three tales in an examination of conscience demonstrating that “what is right” is rarely a singular narrative or universal truth. As two post-grad student historians in Perth struggle with their conscience and attempt to define their beliefs in 2015, we are challenged by the harsh realities of the past. Have we overcome the callous brutality with which those with black skin were treated in the late Victorian era? Would we be as contemptuous in the judgment of cowardice that branded WWI conscientious objectors in England in 1917? By focusing on the past, Reid demonstrates that what is right may be a historical construct; what is fair is determined by those with power. The fate of those who question their conscience and judge themselves unworthy weaves the three narratives together in the uncomfortable inconvenient truth that is human experience. Ian Reid’s A Thousand Tongues is a story that twists and turns to provoke thought and discussion.

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