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Kevin Price is an author who lives in the hills north of Perth. He holds a PhD in creative writing from Murdoch University and is the author of Poetic Licence, a political thriller set in Fremantle (2022), Kumakana: A Gronups Tale, an Austrtalian fairy tale set in the great southern forest (2017) and writing teaching…

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Peter Purchase

Peter Purchase published his fictional historical novel "The Albatross Necklace" (2012) after researching the wreck of the Dutch ship Zuytdorp in 1712 on the cliffs north of Kalbarri. There were survivors, some of whom are believed to have integrated with the local Malgana and Nhanda First Nations people. Peter is now turning that research into…

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Richard Regan

Richard Regan is the author of two novels set in the late 1930s, telling the story of a captain and the aging tramp steamer he commands. Richard enjoyed a 40-year career in the shipping industry, both afloat and ashore, and has amassed a wealth of experiences, characters and settings that inspire his writings. A third…

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Guy Salvidge’s intermittently award-winning fiction has squirrelled its way into such publications as The Great Unknown, Westerly: New Creative, Award Winning Australian Writing and Stories of Perth. He is a Literary Committee member of the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers' Centre and has delivered writing workshops at the Out of the Asylum Writers' Group, Fellowship of…

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Liam is a freelance editor and author based in Perth, Western Australia, with a love for all things genre fiction, specifically fantasy and science fiction with a dash of horror. He's a certified copy-editing and proofreading master, and has honed his skills in language editing and proofreading through years of experience. He's known for working…

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