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Melinda Tognini is the author of Many Hearts, One Voice: the story of the War Widows' Guild in Western Australia.


Melinda Tognini’s feature articles, travel writing and personal essays have appeared in magazines and anthologies in Australia and the US. Her first book, Many Hearts, One Voice: the story of the War Widows’ Guild in Western Australia was published by Fremantle Press in 2015.

Melinda is passionate about telling ‘invisible’ stories and empowering others to find their voice. She has more than 20 years’ experience in teaching and running workshops for children and young people, as well as facilitating memoir and family history workshops for adults.

Relevant qualifications

Diploma of Family History (2019)
Master of Arts in Writing (2012)
Graduate Diploma of Education (1993)

Recent experience

Writing Your Stories of Life in Vincent, Vincent Library, March - June 2019: series of fortnightly workshops on writing memoir and family history.

Creative Writing workshops at Byford Secondary College, August 2018: creative writing workshop linking to English Curriculum.

Tracing Your Family History with Social Media, Vincent Library, June 2018: presentation and Q and A.


Many Hearts, One Voice

Many Hearts, One Voice

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Publ. date: 2015

Genre: Non-Fiction

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