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Liam Selby


Liam is a freelance editor and author based in Perth, Western Australia, with a love for all things genre fiction, specifically fantasy and science fiction with a dash of horror. He's a certified copy-editing and proofreading master, and has honed his skills in language editing and proofreading through years of experience. He's known for working with a variety of authors and adapting his editing style to complement each author's unique voice. Whether you're a fantasy author, a science fiction scribe, or a storyteller of any other genre, Liam will help bring your story to life with his magic touch.


Liam is an author and freelance editor based in Perth, Western Australia, with a keen interest in genre fiction, specifically focused on fantasy and science fiction with a sprinkling of horror. He spent a significant portion of his youth consuming whatever fantasy he could get his claws on, which sparked a life-long dedication to the craft.

As a graduate of the University of Pretoria, South Africa, Liam obtained a BSc in Zoology, and a BSc Honours in Zoology. Soon after completion of his Honours degree, Liam went on to obtain a certification in copy-editing and proofreading, which provided insight and training to assist him in freelance work that encompassed editing and proofreading non-fiction, copy-editing fiction novels, and various other language editing and proofreading work.

In the years since, Liam has honed his language skills in academic and professional writing and editing through a career in environmental management, while maintaining his consumption of and love for fantasy and science fiction.

Liam has since hopped back in the freelance saddle, and continues to develop his skills within writing and editing genre fiction.

Through experience in editing anthologies, Liam is capable of working with a range of authors and tunes his editing style and method to complement the author’s writing style. Though his passion is within fantasy and science fiction, Liam has an intense love for story telling in all forms and will help any author to bring their unique story to life, no matter the genre.

Relevant qualifications

Certificate in Copy-Editing and Proofreading (South African Writers College)

BSc (Hons) Zoology (University of Pretoria)

Recent experience

None within literature at this stage.

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