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Donald has spent his career in international senior leadership and consulting roles. His recently-published book 'From Technocrat to Leader' focuses on the foundational importance to leaders of earning the trust of their people. It is a self-help manual for those new to leadership roles and charts his progress from a very technocratic engineering graduate to the leader he has become. It details the lessons he had to learn about what it means to be a leader, and the wonderful experiences he has had since applying those lessons.
Donald has extensive experience in public speaking and includes leadership, safety and aviation among his themes.


Donald has written extensively throughout his career as a senior manager and consultant. Much of his writing has been on technical topics and has included hundreds of technical reports and reports of forensic investigations into technical problems. He has had peer-reviewed technical papers published in Australia through the AusIMM and in the USA through the Society of Automotive Engineers. For two years he wrote the bi-monthly ‘Classic Workshop’ column for Australian Classic Car magazine. In 2010 he wrote ‘Rodrigo the Adventurer’ for advanced child readers and had it published on Amazon Kindle.

Relevant qualifications

Master of Engineering degree (University of Melbourne) 1993.
Bachelor of Engineering degree (Mining) (Hons.), University of Melbourne.
Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), USA.
Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), Australia.
Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management WA (FAIM).
Fellow of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (FAusIMM).

Recent experience

Donald has presentations on the themes in his recently published book organised with several metropolitan libraries.
He will be a guest speaker at the Old Fliers Group at Jandakot on April 24, talking about his experiences as a volunteer at RAF Museum Cosford in the UK.


From Technocrat to Leader

From Technocrat to Leader

Publisher: Sid Harta Publishers, Melbourne Australia

Publ. date: 2019

Genre: Business, leadership and management

Come Fly With Me! - the memoirs of Captain John Hobson

Come Fly With Me! - the memoirs of Captain John Hobson

Publisher: Self published

Publ. date: 2011

Genre: Historical memoirs

Rodrigo the Adventurer

Rodrigo the Adventurer

Publisher: Kindle

Publ. date: 2010

Genre: Fiction for advanced child readers

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