Frankfurt Book Fair

For the first time in 2017 writingWA participated in the Australian Publisher's Association "Australia Collective" stand to provide a coordinated and amplified presence for WA publishers and writers at the Frankfurt Book Fair - the world's largest book fair.

Our specially produced catalogue - Australian Originals - featured 25 individual titles available for international rights and licensing opportunities.



Ubud Writers Festival

writingWA liaises closely with the directors of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, with the aim of increasing opportunities for Western Australian writers to appear in this prestigious international event. WA Writers who have been supported to participate as guests of the Ubud Writers Festival:

2017: Shokoofeh Azar, Cristy Burne, Josephine Wilson
2016: Annabel Smith, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Ken Spillman
2015: Amanda Curtin, Gina Williams & Guy Ghouse
2014: Clarrie Cameron, Margaret Whiskin, Amanda Betts, James Foley
2013: Frané Lessac, Mark Greenwood, Julienne van Loon
2012: Jon Doust, Colin Falconer, Vivienne Glance
2011: Brenda Walker, John Mateer, Simone Lazaroo


writingWA works closely with the National Book Development Council of Singapore to increase connectivity between the writing communities of Western Australia and Singapore.  Since 2010 we have delivered a range of programs and created a variety of professional and audience development opportunities for writers.

The Asian Festival of Children's Content

This annual festival was established in 2010 and continues to grow in its scope and reach with each passing year, attracting delegates from across Asia. writingWA, with investment from the Department of Culture and the Arts, has supported 29  children's authors and illustrators from Western Australia to participate in the AFCC.

Writers supported to attend AFCC include:

2017: Lee Battersby and Briony Stewart
2016: Chris Nixon, Kylie Howarth, Julia Lawrinson, Jen Banyard, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Maria Allessandrino and Gabriel Evans
2015: Amanda Betts, Steve Heron, Wendy Binks, Elaine Forrestal, Sally Murphy, Brenton E McKenna
2014: Raewyn Caisley, Frané Lessac, Mark Greenwood, Cristy Burne, Lara Morgan, David Caddy, Deb Fitzpatrick
2013: Samantha Hughes, Wolfgang Bylsma, Norman Jorgensen, Chris Nixon, Meg McKinlay
2012: James Foley, Julia Lawrinson

Publication of the Near & Dear anthology of stories for children

The anthology, edited by Ken Spillman, features 14 stories for children aged 9-12.  Commissioned and published by writingWA, the collection includes seven stories by Singaporean writers and seven by Western Australian writers, with illustrations by WA's Tracey Gibbs and Singapore's Twistii.



Cultural Exchange Program

writingWA, with the support of the National Arts Council of Singapore, Copyright Agency Cultural Fund, and Awesome Festival created a two-year exchange program enabling 9 authors from WA and Singapore to conduct schools residencies in both territories.  This program was underpinned with the writingWA publication Near & Dear: Stories for Children from Australia and Singapore which was used as the principal resource in the delivery of workshops for students. 3000 copies of Near & Dear were distributed free of charge to participating/host schools in both territories.

Writers who participated in the exchange program included
2016: Norman Jorgensen and Julia Lawrinson
2015: Felix Cheong, Emily Lim, Ken Spillman and Elaine Forrestal
2014: AJ Low (aka Felicia Low and Adan Jiminez) and Shamini Flint

Thank you to our International Program Sponsors: