Cover to Cover

writingWA and Westlink TV are proud to present Cover to Cover, a monthly program showcasing Western Australian writers and books. Hosted by Meri Fatin, each edition of Cover to Cover features an interview with writingWA's Book Club Book of the Month author.

Why not organise your Book Club to make an event around this broadcast and discover more about Western Australian authors and their work?

And if you miss a screening on Westlink, each episode can also be viewed either on this website, on writingWA's YouTube Channel and on the ProximityWA website.

Past episodes:

From 2017

From 2016:

From 2015


* Westlink is a Western Australian Government owned and operated, free-to-view, digital television channel broadcast to regional and remote areas of Western Australia. Broadcasting via satellite on the VAST (Viewer Access Satellite Television) platform on Channel 602, anyone in Australia with a VAST satellite receiver can watch Westlink.  The channel is received in over 180 remote locations such as CRCs (Community Resource Centres) and schools as well as by private homes.