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Contribute to Peril: Asian Australian Arts and Culture

Image is of a shop counter with an issue of Peril sitting on it. The torso of a man in a button up shirt stands behind the counter.

Edition 42 of Peril has an open theme.

Without limiting your ideas, the editors welcome you to consider:

  • ‘art that endures. Story making and creating that brings beauty, succour, challenge, intent, consciousness and grace.’ Peril is ‘passionate about Asian Australian arts and culture and your work should have relevance to its communities, but don’t be limited by what has come before’;
  • collaborative work;
  • ‘long-form essays and reflections that contextualise the current crisis within a broader historical, social or political understanding’.


  • $200 for poetry, visual art, fiction, non-fiction, essays and political opinion
  • $300 for extended essays, and long-form prose over 2,000 words

Closing date: Tuesday 15 September 2020.

For more information, please visit Peril‘s website.

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