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Brew: Bush Retreats for Eco-Writers

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The Bush Retreats for Eco-Writers (BREW) network offers free 10-day residencies for writers, poets, students and artists who explore ecological themes. Initiated by eminent Australian environmental philosopher Professor Freya Mathews, the network currently has five sites, located on ecologically significant private properties in various parts of Australia.

With a view to fostering environmental culture in Australia, BREW warmly invites applications for residencies to undertake ecological writing, research or art projects at any one of it’s properties.

Innovative conservation projects are underway on several of the properties and, to support this work, these sites are also available as research sites to interested ecologists. Opportunities may exist to partner with local art centres and present in local schools.

Hosts offer basic self-catering accommodation. There is no charge, but residents may be asked to make a small contribution towards electricity and other costs. On some properties, residents can participate in conservation activities. Residents are asked to provide a short report on their stay to post on the BREW website for the benefit of other applicants.

More information can be found on BREW’s website.

You can also request an application form for a 10-day BREW residency, or to ask a question, via the online contact form.

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