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2019 Australian Shadows Awards

The Australian Shadows Awards celebrate the finest in horror and dark fiction published by an Australasian within the calendar year. Works are judged on the overall effect of a work—the skill, delivery, and lasting resonance.

The work must have horror/dark fiction content either as a focal point or an integral element of the work, that is the intent of the work must be to disturb or inspire fear in the reader. Eligible genres/sub-genres include horror, dark fiction, dark fantasy, and paranormal fiction.

All entries must be first published within the calendar year of consideration (i.e. 2019 for the 2019 Awards). In the case of work translated from another language, eligibility will be determined by the year of first publication in English.

The work may be published in any text format: print, electronic, or audio. The work may be traditionally published or self-published.

Award Categories:

Works of horror or dark fiction may be entered into the following categories:

  • Short Fiction: works up to 7,500 words.
  • Long Fiction: works between 7,501 to 39,999 words (novelette or novella).
  • Novel: works of at least 40,000 words.
  • Collection: Three (3) or more short stories by a single author. No minimum or maximum word count. May contain reprints and/or originals.
  • Edited Publication: Three (3) or more short stories by two (2) or more authors; edited by one or more editors. No minimum or maximum word count. Includes anthologies and individual magazine issues. Horror/dark-themed special issues of mixed-genre magazines are also eligible. May contain reprints and/or originals*.
  • Graphic Novels and Comics: Can include a single issue, run of issues, single comic or complete graphic novel. Work must be written by an Australasian. Work will be judged as an overall medium, with an emphasis on the script or story elements.
  • Non-fiction: A piece of non-fiction or work of criticism, including (but not limited to) a book, essay, article or review. The work should be an author biography recognising work in the horror genre, criticism of one or more horror works, or be based on a topic that is in some way horror-themed, i.e.. hauntings, true crime killings.
  • Poetry: Up to three (3) pieces per author. No line limit.

Entry fee: there is no fee to enter.

Closing date: Tuesday 31 March 2020.

For more information, please visit the Australasian Horror Writers Association’s website.

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