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Profile: Rachel Bin Salleh – Shortlisted for the 2019 Writing WA Literary Lions Medal

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As the announcement of the 2019 Writing WA Literary Lions Medal approaches, we are celebrating each of our three shortlisted candidates with these profiles – in the words of the people who nominated them.


Rachel’s commitment to WA literary culture has spanned 28 years.
A regular presenter at industry conferences and writers’ festivals, a Board Member of the Small Press Network and judge of many literary initiatives – Rachel is an active participant in the industry and an ambassador for WA and Indigenous literature nationally. As an Aboriginal woman, Rachel’s commitment to empowering Indigenous people to share their stories goes way beyond her working hours. As Publisher, her artistic vision and integrity have brought the organisation to its most successful point in Magabala’s 32-year history. She plays a leadership role within the industry, sharing her knowledge and experience with her characteristic frank and fearless sense of humour, and providing mentoring and support for authors and publishers who come to her for advice on a regular basis.

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