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Playwriting Australia Review Update

Playwriting Australia has released a Review from REĂ Consulting outlining recommendations in regards to  the future of play and playwright development in Australia.

During the review, 94 written submissions were received and a further 30 interviews were undertaken.

According to Playwriting Australia, The Review outlines a consolidated vision for play and playwright development in Australia. It recommends the creation of a new entity better able to respond to the changing environment of the theatre sector, prioritising paths to production.

“The new entity will be designed to have an enlarged and tangible play development pipeline from discovery, to development, to production, to publication, promotion and licensing, with direct education and community outcomes.”

The Australian Writers’ Guild has noted that “the review includes 33 recommendations, including that Playwriting Australia merge with Australian Plays to establish a new national entity to discover, develop and publish new Australian works.”

A more detailed response from the Australian Writers’ Guild can be found on its website.

Further details about the review, its implications and next steps to be taken can be found on Playwriting Australia’s website, where you can also download a copy of the review itself.


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