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Playwriting Australia Announcement: Future Directions

Playwriting Australia has recently announced that there will be a wide-ranging Review of play development in Australia.

The Review will be conducted by independent consultant Richard Evans & Associates, and will include an opportunity for all interested stakeholders to provide views. It is hoped that the outcomes of the Review will include the creation of a stronger, fit-for-purpose national play development culture to succeed PWA. This Review has the support of the Australia Council.

This action has been taken to help ensure that PWA’s legacy is an even more resilient and resonant play development model with stronger links both to playwrights and, through performance outcomes, to audiences.

In the interests of this renewal, all employment positions in PWA are now redundant. The former executive leadership team of PWA, consisting of Lachlan Philpott (Artistic Director) and Michelle Kotevski (General Manager), look forward to participating in the next phase of constructing what might be a radical new model.

While the Review is undertaken, PWA remains committed to delivering on its existing program for 2019 including the First Nations Writers’ Retreat; the Duologue and Post Production programs.

To read the full statement from Playwriting Australia, please visit the website.

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