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Meet Black Swan’s 2019 Emerging Writers’ Group

Image: Group shot of Black Swan Theatre Emerging playwrights with Director of New Writing Jeffrey Jay Fowler

Congratulations to the emerging playwrights who have been selected to be part of the Black Swan State Theatre Company’s Emerging Writers’ Group in 2019.

Michelle Aitken, Zac James, Doreshawar Khan, Daley King and Sam Nerida will work with Black Swan’s Director of New Writing Jeffrey Jay Fowler, with a key outcome being the development and workshop of their scripts for a free public play reading.

Michelle Aitken is a theatre-maker and performer with a BA in Dance from WAAPA and an interest in dismantling the patriarchy.  Her play ‘Kind Regards’, is a questionably autobiographical new script about family, peace offerings, and unrequited emails.

Zac James is a Wongi, Yamatji and Murri First Nations creative specialising in acting and writing. His play 1942 explores the life of a young Indigenous family and the struggles they face during the throes of WW2, on and off shore.

Doreshawar Khan is a writer and creative born in Pakistan. Her play Zmakkah recounts the final hours of the last human on earth, an Afghan mercenary named Havvah, who is on a mission to deliver a valuable cultural artefact to a sacred site before she runs out of oxygen.

Daley King is an eclectic theatre maker with Māori heritage. His writing generates the unpredictable and uncomfortable, examining the elusive fringes of society and the furthest corners of humanity. Curiosity is an intimate exploration of social isolation, human connection, and universal loneliness, through the eyes of a troubled social worker and their intriguing client, who bond over a mutual fascination with David Bowie and the Mars Rover.

Sam Nerida is a performance maker and a producer, concerned with all things rhythm, humour, and the bending of form. Sam is writing a new performance piece Fumble, a work to celebrate healing, queer love, and family.

Free play reading dates to be advised soon.

Please visit Black Swan’s website for more information about the Emerging Writers’ Group.

[Photo credit Daniel J Grant. LR: Standing Daley King, Michelle Aitken, Zac James; Sitting Director of New Writing Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Doreshawar Khan, Sam Nerida.]

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