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Calls for Support and Stimulus Package

Live Performance Australia (LPA) has called on the Government to support an $850m live performance support and stimulus package.

LPA Chief Executive, Evelyn Richardson, who participated in in an industry-wide teleconference with the Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, has stated that “Australia’s $4billion live performance industry is on the brink of collapse without immediate government support.”

She adds, “Realistically, we’re looking at a 3-6 month closure period at least before any recovery phase.”

LPA is urging the Commonwealth, state and territory governments to develop an industry specific plan. Immediate priorities are:

  • Provide greater national clarity around the projected time-frame for the public health response to coronavirus, including when venues and companies can anticipate preparing to resume operations
  • Expedite and immediate access to income support for industry participants who have lost employment or income due to venue or event closures, including casual workers and sole traders
  • Extend all current government funding arrangements for the next 12 months to minimise disruption to existing companies
  • Provide a cash injection to the performing arts sector to enable them to meet cash and reserve shortfalls that will confront them in the next three months
  • Provide additional funding to the Australia Council to fund all organisations that were assessed as worthy of funding in the four-year funding review process
  • Re-purpose and bring forward the allocated $22 million Live Music package to be spent over the next 12 months
  • Direct budget support for the duration of this financial year for all live performance businesses impacted by event and venue closures to enable continuity of their operations and employment levels throughout the shut-down period and to ensure viability for recovery in future
  • Provide additional funding to Support Act to provide crisis support to the sector
  • New funding to enable performances to be delivered through innovative online or digital platforms

In Western Australia, the Chamber of Arts and Culture will be hosting a roundtable of Arts Organisation member Chief Executives early next week. It is anticipated that by this date there will be greater clarify on the time frame and scope of the Federal response, and what therefore, needs to be done at a State level.

For more information please visit the Chamber of Arts and Culture Western Australia and/or read the press release from Live Performance Australia.

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