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Copyright Agency Launches 2019 Writers’ Royalty and Image Royalty Claim

The Copyright Agency has again launched its annual Writers’ Royalty and Image Royalty Claim campaigns.

The campaign is open to Copyright Agency members who meet the eligibility criteria to receive copyright royalties. Non-members who meet the criteria can apply for membership, which is free.

For writers, the Copyright Agency is particularly interested in hearing from freelancers or contributors who have published work in anthologies and collections – or in newspapers, magazines or journals.

If writers have retained copyright in their work, and can provide the agency with verifiable details of where their work has appeared, as well as meeting some other criteria, Copyright Agency can provide them with a copyright royalty (a minimum of $50).

Similarly, the agency is inviting artists, illustrators, cartoonists and photographers to provide verifiable information about where their images have appeared in print or online, such as books, e-books or in newspapers, magazines or journals.

To participate, head to the Copyright Council’s website, search for Writers’ Royalty Claim or Image Royalty Claim, check the eligibility criteria and fill in the form. The campaign closes on 18 October 2019.

Payments will be made to members by mid-2020.

For more information, visit the Help Centre or email Copyright Agency Member Services.

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