Vivienne Glance

Name Vivienne Glance
Email Address [email protected]
Profession Poet / playwright
Professional Services
  • Community writing facilitation
  • Consultations
  • Master classes
  • Master discussions
  • Mentoring
  • Public artwork creation
  • Public readings
  • Talks
  • Workshop presentation
Areas of Work
  • Children's
  • Electronic multimedia
  • Fiction
  • Film/Theatre/Radio scripts
  • Poetry
  • Prose poetry
  • Visual poetry
Country Australia
State WA
Suburb Subiaco
Address PO Box 727, Subiaco WA 6904
Biography Vivienne is a Western Australian writer and performer, working across media: poetry, performance, science, and written and spoken word. She is most inspired by the big questions of the day and the small moments that link us all. She is at her most creative when blending music, sound, text, light and movement in live performance. She also performs/records her own writing and the work of other writers. Her theatre work have been presented in UK, USA and Australia. She has been a guest writer at Perth Writers Festival, Ubud Readers and Writers Festival, Sprung Writers Festival, Big Sky Writers Festival, Overload Poetry Festival, WA Spring Poetry Festival, writingWA’s ‘A Propos,’ Moora Winter Art Festival, Edinburgh (UK) and Seattle (USA) Fringe Theatre Festivals, and the women’s theatre festival ‘Mae West Fest’ (USA). She will be a guest at the Ubud Festival in Bali in 2012. Vivienne is committed to community arts development and inclusivity, and runs workshops on playwriting, on poetry writing for children in schools, on transcreating work across language and culture, adult creative writing classes, and sessions to help writers perform their work at readings and events. She works closely with Afeif Ismail transcreating his poetry and plays into English. Vivienne is currently enrolled as a PhD candidate in the School of Social and Cultural Studies at the University of Western Australia, researching representations of science in performance and writing a full-length performance work. Vivienne has worked as a project co-ordinator for Out of the Asylum Writers (WA), as a financial officer for indigo journal (WA) and festival director for Arts Catalyst (London). She is on the Western Australian Government’s Department of Culture and the Arts Register of Peers and the committee of WINGS Organisation for Cross-Cultural Development, and served on the Stages WA Playwrights Consortium board from 2006-2010. In 1993 Vivienne co-founded The Arts Catalyst in London with Nicola Triscott.
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Staring at the Sun: writing science in performance/ performing science in writing - paper presented at Great Writing Conference, Imperial College, London 2011. Live performance and science: an intersection of art, politics and personal freedom - paper presented at The Contemporary - An International Conference of Literature and the Arts, Nanyang University, Singapore, 2011. Performing the Politics of Science - paper presented at the Literature and Science Conference, University of New South Wales, 2010. Garden News,1996; Physics World, 1995; Nature of History art installation at The Natural History Museum, catalogue essay, 1995; Mute - digital art critique, 1995; (co-written with Abigail King) RADIO / RECORDINGS Poetica, “Slammin' and Jammin’,”, 2008; RTR FM – National Poetry Week, 2005; Writers’ Radio, Radio Adelaide, 2009; Stateline, ABC TV, 2007. PLAYS FOR THEATRE - Produced: 'UNDERGROUND' (full length) - The Blue Room Theatre Summer Nights 2016. 'THE CAT IN THE BOX' (full length) - The Blue Room Main Stage, Perth, 2012. 'MODERN GODS' (short) runner-up at Gold Dust Speaks International competition, performed at The London Theatre, 2012. 'SHAKING THE TREE' showcased at The International Playwriting Festival, London, 2012. ‘THE PILLAR OF WATER’ (short) - PICA Putting on An Act, Perth, & WEAVE Fremantle Festival. ‘BEDROOM BABY’ - Pocket Theatre, Swan Basement, Fremantle. ‘THE COMIC’S TALE’ - Artrage 24 hour Play Project, shortlisted Sydney Short & Sweet Festival., Darwin Theatre Company, 2016 TAL AFAR/USA’ - PICA Putting on An Act Perth, shortlisted Sydney & Melbourne Short & Sweet Festivals. ‘DREAMS’ – Pocket Theatre, Swan Basement, Fremantle. ‘NEXT TUESDAY’ – PICA Putting on An Act, Perth and Short and Sweet Festival, Sydney. ‘CREATRIX’, Seattle Fringe Festival & Mae West Fest, Seattle. 'INTO THAT CLEAR PLACE’, Hill Street Theatre, Edinburgh. 'COUNTESS VAMP' (short comedy), Arter Theatre, Edinburgh. ‘WHEN IN ROME’, Carlton Theatre, Edinburgh. ‘TITUS A’, Chelsea Centre Theatre, London.