Afeif Ismail Abdelrazig

Name Afeif Ismail Abdelrazig
Email Address [email protected]
Profession Poet, Playwright, Storyteller
Professional Services
  • Community writing facilitation
  • Public readings
  • Talks
  • Workshop presentation
Areas of Work
  • Children's
  • Fiction
  • Film/Theatre/Radio scripts
  • Humour
  • Poetry
  • Prose poetry
  • War
  • Young adult
Country Australia
State WA
Suburb Caversham
Phone 0423675479
Biography BIOGRAHY AFEIF ISMAIL ABDELRAZIG Afeif Ismail Abdelrazig was born in Elhassahisa, Sudan in 1962. A published poet, writer, playwright, artist and human-rights activist, Afeif arrived in Australia in 2003. Afeif has many works of poetry published in Arabic: “Traps and some Tracks”, 2001 and “Bet of the Argil 2003”, “A Passage to the Aroma of Invisibility 2006”, and “It’s your Bird 2007”. His poems have been published in English, Japanese and German. Afeif poetry a have appeared in journals (incl. mascara, world is out, marginata, poet corner anthology, mena usa,), Afeif book of poetry Bet of the Argil published in English 2005. Afeif’s plays (in Arabic) have been produced in many cities, towns and villages in Sudan including Khartoum, from 1986 to 2000. These have included “The Race’, “The Night of the Nightingale”, “Doors”, “The Merchant”, “Starvation” and “The Centre of the Circle”. Afeif was short-listed for the inaugural Kit Denton Fellowship for Writers of Courage in 2007, for which he submitted his plays “The Son of the Sun”, “The Labyrinth” and “The Shrouds or the Dead”. “The Son of the Sun” has been commissioned by Barking Gecko Theatre Company in Western Australia and is scheduled for production in 2010. He was selected to workshop this play with trans-creator Vivienne Glance at the PWA Canberra Workshop in June/July 2008. Afeif has been awarded the inaugural Australian National Playwrights’( ANPC) Bursary for 2008.
Publication History 2016: Fringe World Festival, Western Australia, Writer and Director of Circles of Return. 2015: National Play Festival - Industry Forum, Adelaide SA.
 2015 Invited participant at the Australian Theatre Forum, Sydney, NSW. 2015 Naji Naaman's Literary Prize, Beirut, Lebanon. 2014: International Playwright Observer at 2014 New Visions/New Voices Festival, Washington DC, USA. 2014: Invited participant at KULTOUR Gathering 2014 held at the Blue Room, Theatre, Perth, WA. 2014: 3 Seeds (3 short plays) presented by Always Working Artists at the Blue Room Theatre, Perth, WA. 2013: a short version of his play Unsuitable Hats was read at WLPG: One Theatre World Conference, Cleveland Ohio, USA. 2013: Afeif’s monologue Eureka was Selected for WLPG Sparks - Catalysts for Discovery; for the International Theatre Festival SCHÄXPIR, Linz, Austria. 2012: Afeif invited to present on cross-cultural collaboration at the International Forum on TYA, New York University. New York, USA. 2012: Afeif’s Play for children Son of the Nile performed at Murdoch University. WA. 2010: His play The African Magician commissioned and produced by Barking Gecko Theatre Company and nominated for the Australian Writers Guild award for best children’s play in 2011. 2009: He was a recipient of an Western Australian Theatre Development Initiative for his play “The Shrouds or the Dead.” 2008: Afeif was selected to workshop this play, with co-transcreator Vivienne Glance, at Playwriting Australia’s Canberra Workshop. 2008: Afeif was awarded the Australian National Playwrights’ Conference (ANPC) Bursary. 2007: Afeif nominated for the Kit Denton award for Courage in Writing. Afeif’s plays (in Arabic) have been produced in many cities, towns and villages in Sudan including Khartoum, from 1986 to 2000.