Alicia Xian

Name Alicia Xian
Email Address [email protected]
Profession Writer/Film Maker
Professional Services
  • Therapeutic writing
  • Ghostwriting
Areas of Work
  • Film/Theatre/Radio scripts
  • Nonfiction
  • Photography
Country Australia
State WA
Suburb Northbridge
Address P.O.Box 230, Northbridge
Phone 0418878181
Biography I was born and grown up in oversea and migrated and educated both in United Kingdom and Australia, fond of Fine food, Fashion and Media, curious and passionate about human stories every corner of the world, I had travelled 61 countries fortunately, those experience and journey changed my life and tough me how the world is and why, and understand way of life of mankind and everything that relevant. I liked every country I had visit because always something about their own uniqueness that so special and so compelling, like food, animals, people, history, culture, custom, scenery…… more I travelled more I want to travel…. world, full of incredible, unexpected, amazing place that you just can't get enough. I had write, direct, produced short films and documentary in the past, I am in the process of writing a feature film and and by join Writing WA I would I like to achieve some goals as my wishes. 1. Bring my characters to the world's audience' heart, and let audiences learn something unique about the hero and his journey. 2. Structure the world cinema script and a sellable formula standard. 3. Convincing and resonate memorable dialogue between characters. 4.Connecting and searching for co-writers, inspiring and a momentous time of my life. Well1 this is not exactly a biography, but at least I have stated basic informations and the dreams(desire) that I would like to accomplish, my future hold it's all up to my destiny lead me to of course. My english is not my first language, but I had seen people without arms and legs could paint, witness muted and blind who master the music instruments …… thank you let me sharing my thoughts, appreciated. Faithfully yours Alicia Xian