Katie Stewart

Name Katie Stewart
Profession writer/illustrator
Professional Services
  • Workshop presentation
Areas of Work
  • Children's
  • Fiction
  • Illustration
  • Picture books
  • Young adult
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Country Australia
State WA
Suburb Northam
Website http://www.katiewstewart.com
Biography Katie Stewart has been an archaeologist, teacher and librarian, but is now self-employed as a writer/illustrator and book cover designer. She lives with her family on a farm in the Central Wheatbelt.
Publication History Illustrating - 2 Maths text books, a cookery book, a history book. 3 books in the "Scoot, Scoot, Bandicoot" series by Karen Treanor. "Smelly Troll" Series by Rosen Trevithick (England). Writing - magazine articles, a personal story in an anthology and a children's story for the educational market. 4 novels published as ebooks - 'Treespeaker' (2011, adult/YA), 'The Dragon Box' (2011 Childrens 8-12yrs), 'Mark of the Dragon Queen' (2012 YA), "Song of the Jikhoshi (Treespeaker 2)" (2013 YA) - all available on Amazon.