Yana Ryakhovskaya

Name Yana Ryakhovskaya
Email Address [email protected]
Profession Student
Professional Services
Areas of Work
  • Fiction
  • Illustration
  • Poetry
  • Photography
  • Prose poetry
  • Teenage
  • Young adult
Country Australia
State WA
Suburb Clarkson
Address Cherokee Green
Website http://child-of-thy-light.deviantart.com/
Biography I immigrated from Russia, to Western Australia in 2006, and since then, my love and knowledge for English had grown. Now I write thought-provoking poetry, practise photography and draw. My aim in art (writing at that) is to help lead people around and hopefully, out of their past experiences and connections, they will be able to find a special meaning in my artwork.
Publication History Currently searching for anybody to publish my work free (I'm only 15 so money doesn't come easily!)