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A Whole Lot of Poo!
Science Friction
 with Natasha Mitchell, ABC Radio National

Kids love it. Comedians make us laugh about it. Adults hide from talking about it. Freud had a field day with it. Doctors diagnose it. Surgeons help us keep it flowing. Join Natasha and guests – children’s author & illustrator James Foley of S.Tinker Inc kid’s series acclaim, colorectal surgeon & author of The Happy Bowel, Michael Levitt, and psychologist and author of The Psychology of the Bathroom, Nick Haslam – talking all matters faecal & flatulence at the 2019 Quantum Words Perth festival.

Listen here (listen now or download).

Panel of Authors in the All About Poo session at Quantum Words

James Foley speaking 'All About Poo'
[Photo credits: JJ Gately Photography]

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