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Peter Purchase


Peter Purchase published his fictional historical novel "The Albatross Necklace" (2012) after researching the wreck of the Dutch ship Zuytdorp in 1712 on the cliffs north of Kalbarri. There were survivors, some of whom are believed to have integrated with the local Malgana and Nhanda First Nations people. Peter is now turning that research into "The Truth and Reconciliation Trilogy" comprising "The Glass Cenotaph" (2019) , "Life and Times of Gerrit de Waal" (available Nov 2020) and "Alicia". Peter is currently working on the latter.


Born and educated in East Africa, Peter grew up on the Kenya coast where he came into close contact with the evidence of Arab, Chinese and Portuguese exploration across the Indian Ocean. He migrated to Perth in 1963 and taught at Cannington High School for seven years, before working in Human Resources in mining and construction companies in the Pilbara, Northern Territory and PNG. This brought him into close contact with local Indigenous First Nations peoples. He finds their culture, deep-rooted love of country, resilience and unfailing sense of humour inspirational. He has drawn on that experience in his writing. This includes the privilege of incorporating the Malgana language spoken in the Shark Bay area of WA into his manuscripts.

Relevant qualifications

High School Teaching Cert (Claremont CTC)
Various Training and HR Certificates

Recent experience

Retired 2007


The Life & Times Of Gerrit De Waal

The Life & Times Of Gerrit De Waal

Publisher: Dune Publishing

Publ. date: 2020

Genre: Aboriginal Historical, Dutch Historical and Current Fiction

The Glass Cenotaph

The Glass Cenotaph

Publisher: Dune Publishing

Publ. date: 2019

Genre: Aboriginal Historical and Current Fiction

The Albatross Necklace

The Albatross Necklace

Publisher: Dune Publishing

Publ. date: 2013

Genre: Historical Fiction

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