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HM Waugh is a children's author, environmental scientist and educator, with experience presenting to school (K-12) and community groups on topics ranging from conservation to dinosaurs.


HM Waugh is an environmental scientist, writer and educator with a long-term love of wild places and high mountains. This has led to icy feet and sunburnt cheeks in magical countries like New Zealand, Nepal, Bolivia and Switzerland. She has studied dolphins in New Zealand and rare plants in the Wheatbelt, and worked in mining and construction projects across Western Australia. When she’s not writing, she’s teaching school and community groups about science and the environment. This often involves working with children and animals concurrently, and Waugh loves being able to truthfully say she handles dragons for a job.

Relevant qualifications

BSc(EnvSc)Hons, GradDipEd(Sec)

Recent experience

Experience presenting to school groups K-12 and community groups. Qualified High School Science/HASS teacher. Primary experience teaching PEAC students in writing and science. Zoo educator.
Experience presenting and on panels at festivals.


Mars Awakens

Mars Awakens

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Publ. date: 2022

Genre: MG: Scifi, Adventure

Evacuation Road

Evacuation Road

Publisher: Rhiza Edge

Publ. date: 2021

Genre: YA: Adventure

The Lost Stone of SkyCity

The Lost Stone of SkyCity

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Publ. date: 2019

Genre: MG: Fantasy, adventure

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