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My name’s Eryn (with a Y) and I’m a mother and wife. I work full time in marketing. I love to write. I love to give advice. I’ve got over three decades of accumulated information in my mind that I want to share.

I’m the creator of The Data Driven Writer, a planner and e-course designed to teach writing habits and track progress for wannabe writers like me.


I developed The Data Driven Writer because I’ve done a bunch of very good courses over the years about the craft of writing, but I could find nothing out there that could teach me how to build the habit of writing in a way that would stick and result in a finished novel.

I’m a sucker for a good adult learning experience. The one thing I’d take onto a desert island would be my Audible subscription. Through my eclectic choice of non-fiction dictions, I gathered ideas and techniques that I could apply directly to my writing.

I came up with an A4 writing planner design that helps you lay out the facts and set realistic goals towards completing your writing project. Inside the planner are some worksheets that will help you develop habits and clear the decks to make writing a focus in your life.

Each worksheet is linked to a short audio file that explains the how and why of the technique I’m getting you to use.

Really, I made it for myself, and I hope that you can benefit from its use too!

Relevant qualifications

Australian Writers Centre
Freelance Writing Masterclass

Australian Direct Marketing Association
Digital Marketing Certificate

Australian Retail Institute
Retail Management Diploma

Curtin University
BA Arts, Mass Communication and Media Studies
Majors: PR, Journalism
Minors: Creative Writing Advertising, Marketing, Entrepreneurship


The Data Driven Writer Writing Planner and E-Course

The Data Driven Writer Writing Planner and E-Course

Publisher: Self Published

Publ. date: 2019

Genre: Non fiction

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Phone 0432893082

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