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Brad Giles


Brad Giles is one of Australia’s most sought-after leadership team coaches. An experienced business speaker, adviser and entrepreneur, Brad works with some of the country’s leading mid-sized firms, helping CEOs and leadership teams to thrive. He is also the author of "Made to Thrive: The Five Roles to Evolve Beyond Your Leadership Comfort Zone".


Brad Giles has more than twenty years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, strategic planner and leadership team coach. He has twice been recognised as a BRW Fast 100 founder, an EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and is actively involved in EO, the Entrepreneurs Organization.

Along the way, Brad has helped hundreds of leadership teams worldwide build a strategic plan and thrive. Brad’s passion is helping leaders to build enduring, truly great companies.

Today, as the founder of the strategic planning and coaching consultancy Evolution Partners, Brad works with CEOs and leadership teams to help them grow predictably and confidently.

In his new book Made to Thrive, Brad outlines the difference between a good leader and a great leader and provides a detailed step-by-step process for leaders to understand how they too can achieve enduring greatness as a leader.

Relevant qualifications

3HAG Certified coach
Gravitas Certified coach
Authorised Topgrading agent
Certified Outhinker partner
Gazelles Certified coach


Made to Thrive: The five roles to evolve beyond your leadership comfort zone

Made to Thrive: The five roles to evolve beyond your leadership comfort zone

Publ. date: 2019

Genre: Business

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