Digital Publishing

Digital publishing is the most dynamic area of our industry, impacting on traditional supply chain models, and creating new opportunities and challenges for writers, publishers, and booksellers.

In 2011 the Federal Government, through the Department of Innovation, established the Book Industry Strategy Group to investigate and identify strategic opportunities for the future of the writing and publishing industry in Australia.  The BISG delivered its final report in September 2011.  The report is available to download here.

There are a variety of additional resources available to help keep you informed of the latest changes and opportunities as they arise, including:

  • The Australian Society of Authors has published a paper entitled "Introduction to Digital Self Publishing" which covers: an overview of different formats and ebook reading devices; how to self-publish 'the easy way' (using third-party services), or 'the hard way' (doing it all yourself); the conditions and royalties offered by different e-retailers; and how to build your marketing platform. 12 pages. Members FREE. Non-members $11.00. Available from the Australian Society of Authors website .
  •  if:book Australia promotes new forms of digital literature and explores ways to boost connections between writers and audiences. if:book Australia is a small think-tank that is part of the Queensland Writers Centre and is linked with an international fellowship of organisations exploring book futures, including the Institute for the Future of the Book in New York,  if:book London, and if:lire in Paris.

If you are interested in investigating the digital publishing arena further then here are some links to a range of different websites that are definitely worth taking a look at: