For Self-Publishers

There are many options available to you if you choose to self-publish your book. You may want to publish in print form, as an e-book, or both. You may want to manage all aspects of the publishing process yourself or you may want to outsource some or all of these responsibilities to a service provider. There are many models and options to choose from and additional information about some of these options, and links to further reading on other websites can be found elsewhere on the writingWA site (See the For Writers and Links > Service Providers pages).

The materials that follow on these pages describe the process of self-publishing in print form as experienced by self-published author Bernice Barry and her publishing partner Mike Rumble. They provide an insight into the processes, challenges, and lessons learnt along the way.  You can dip into the resources at any point, depending on what stage you’ve reached with your own writing project. There are 7 sections:

  • GETTING STARTED is about taking the first steps towards writing for publication, including editing your manuscript.

  • BUDGET will help you plan and make decisions from the start, according to the budget you set. This section can be read alone as one of the key starting points for the publication process but it’s also linked to each of the other sections for cross-reference because most decisions you make along the way will affect others.

  • DESIGN, PRINTING, MARKETING and DISTRIBUTION will take you through the main business of turning your manuscript into a book and getting it to its audience.

  • MORE offers some ideas about next steps, such as finding a literary agent or submitting your self-published book to a publisher.You’ll also find some additional sources of information and useful reading listed here.

About the Authors

The material presented here was commissioned by writingWA and written by Bernice Barry and Mike Rumble. 

Bernice Barry Mike Rumble

After more than ten years of research, Bernice Barry completed work on a biography of Georgiana Molloy, the first internationally successful female botanical collector in Western Australia. In March 2015, Bernice and her partner, Mike Rumble, self-published the book in WA. ‘Georgiana Molloy, the Mind That Shines’  was a bestseller and they reprinted after eight weeks. In November 2015, Bernice received offers of publishing contracts and the book was published by Pan Macmillan (Picador) in March 2016, in Australia and New Zealand.

Bernice and Mike are both education professionals with many years’ experience as teachers, local, regional and national advisers and, most recently, international consultants. They have both worked extensively as writers of training resources and online professional development materials. They’ve also been involved in the publication process, and have managed large-scale projects but had no previous experience in self-publication. Creating this resource was a welcome opportunity to share information with others who may be self-publishing for the first time, not as advice to be followed - because each writer and each book will be different - but as a record of some of the things they learned along the way.