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Zou Mat Je (做乜嘢)

Zou Mat Je (做乜嘢)

Author: Edited by Sarah Yeung, Claudia Yang, Gok-Lim Finch, Johnny Doan, Desmond Tan, Nathan Tang, Stephanie Lai and Alina Tang

Publisher: Zou Mat Je (做乜嘢)

Published: September 2021

Zou Mat Je (做乜嘢) is a multilingual zine by Cantonese-speaking writers and artists from across the globe. This collection of illustrations and writing speak to the title ‘做乜嘢’, a phrase that roughly translates to ‘What are you doing?!’ – an emphatic admonishment or playful jibe. Humorous, nostalgic, joyful and contemplative, this selection explores the nuances of traversing a liminal space, of belonging neither here nor there.

Zou Mat Je (做乜嘢) is packed with beautiful photographs and fun artwork, an ode to what it means to be Cantonese. The pieces reflect on the meaning of identity and place and how connection can be found, even across cultures. This is an exciting volume that will speak to any migrant, providing a window into the varied yet relatable experience of the Cantonese diaspora across the world.

The online edition of Zou Mat Je (做乜嘢) can be read at zoumatje.com.

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