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Yinti series

Covers of the three books in the Yinti series

Yinti series

Author: Pat Lowe and Jimmy Pike

Publisher: Magabala Books

Yinti is a Walmajarri boy growing up in the Great Sandy Desert in the North West of Australia. The Yinti series (Yinti: Desert Child, Yinti: Desert Dog, and Yinti: Desert Cowboy) is a collection of stories following Yinti from childhood through to young adulthood, when he leaves the desert and works on a cattle station. These three titles are new editions of the books based on Jimmy Pike’s own childhood experiences, fictionalised by Pat Lowe. Pike’s occasional grayscale illustrations depict scenes from Yinti’s adventures. The series is suited to mid to upper primary students, but sensitive readers should note that the first and third books include graphic descriptions of traditional hunting practices and cultural punishments. Each book includes a glossary of Walmajarri words used in the books, and a pronunciation guide. The Yinti series is compelling storytelling about a very different culture and way of life.

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