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Wednesday Weeks and the Crown of Destiny

Wednesday Weeks and the Crown of Destiny

Author: Cristy Burne and Denis Knight

Publisher: Lothian Children's Books, Hachette Australia

Published: September 2021

Wednesday Weeks and the Crown of Destiny is as smart and entertaining as its predecessor, playfully blending humour, fantasy and adventure with the practical application of science, maths and logic. The authors’ parodying of traditional fantasy conventions is a hoot, giving rise to such gems as ‘The Realm of Unfriendly Cats’. Gorgomoth the Unclean emerges again as a fearsome nemesis, stealing Faery Queen Shard’s Crown of Destiny and turning Grandpa into a frog. Sorcerer-apprentices Wednesday and Alfie must forget about school grades, parents and the Human Realm and embark on a magical quest to set things right, joined by mohawked faery, Adaline. A fun feature of the series is the simple, story-related, science-based activities at the end of each book. A third Wednesday Weeks book is in the pipeline.

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