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This Book is a Time Machine

This Book is a Time Machine

Author: Tracey Dembo

Illustrator: Lucinda Gifford

Publisher: Affirm Press

Published: October 2023

This Book is a Time Machine is a delightfully imaginative children’s book that introduces the concept of time in an engaging, quirky, and accessible manner.

One of the standout features of this book is its interactive element. The author and illustrator engage in a playful exchange between themselves, the readers, and even the book itself. This fourth wall-breaking exchange challenges the readers’ perceptions of past, present, and future.

While intended for readers aged 4–8, this book offers universal appeal, captivating both young and adult audiences alike. The vibrant illustrations and lively dialogue work in tandem to simplify the complex idea of time, making it accessible and easy for children to grasp.

Furthermore, the book sparks and kindles curiosity about time, making it an invaluable resource for parents and educators seeking to introduce this abstract concept to young minds.

Creators Tracey Dembo and Lucinda Gifford offer not just a valuable addition to any child’s library but also a treasure trove of knowledge and imagination that will inspire young minds to explore the mysteries of time.


Reviewed by Jess Checkland

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