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The Palace of Angels

Book cover for The Palace of Angels by Mohammed Massoud Morsi

The Palace of Angels

Author: Mohammed Massoud Morsi

Publisher: Mohammed Hussein Miheasen

Published: 2018

During this period in history, when this month’s Australian Prime Minister considers it may be ‘sensible’ to relocate Australia’s Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem, it may also be timely to consider the point of view of someone who has first-hand and personal knowledge of the conflict between Palestinians and Jews. The Palace of Angels is the third novel in a trilogy in which the author attempts to make sense of this conflict from the point of view of individuals – the individuals for whom it is their daily experience.  As in his previous two novels, Morsi has distilled the political into the very, very personal. For Linah and Adnan, their story is a version of the Romeo and Juliet story – two people denied the freedom to love whom they choose because of the constructs of others. Ultimately, what is Morsi’s “Palace of Angels”? It is a place of peace.

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