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The All New Must Have Orange 430

Book cover for The All New Must Have Orange 430 by Michael Speechley

The All New Must Have Orange 430

Author: Michael Speechley

Illustrator: Michael Speechley

Publisher: Viking

Published: May 2018

“Yes! The all new ORANGE 430 was finally here! Harvey had to have it.” Who wouldn’t want this “must have” item that has everything: thingies, whatsits, dooverlackies, and even a silly thing? After searching, scrounging and digging into the last of his savings Harvey finally gets his beloved ORANGE 430 only to realise it is of no use to him whatsoever. Michael Speechley’s debut picture book speaks to young and old in this tale of mass consumerism and its effect on the world. The illustrations are beautifully detailed and packed with humour, but are also dark on multiple levels. This is a story that you get more from on every read and with a message that truly packs a punch. Yes! The All New Must Have Orange 430 IS finally here!  YOU have to have it.

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