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Scott-Patrick Mitchell’s first full-length collection connects the reader to the addict as human, to place as suburban, and to society as complicit. Clean disrupts the sole burden of guilt on …

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Blue Wren is the third collection by Bron Bateman: poet, academic and mother of nine. It’s a strong work, structured around a suite of Frida Kahlo paintings, then leading into …

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Acanthus is the third collection of poetry by lauded Perth-born poet Claire Potter. Collapsing formal categories such as human/animal, ancient/modern and urban/natural, these poems open up worlds of strange and wonderful …

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Sally Gaunt’s second collection of poetry begins with a delicate exploration of masculinity through the symbolism of feathers. These hued feather poems paint valour and eroticism but hint at male …

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Refreshingly, Andrew Sutherland’s debut poetry collection does not sanitise queer experience. The poems were written between 2017 and 2021, during which time Sutherland was diagnosed HIV-positive and moved from Singapore …

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Alf Taylor’s poetry and fiction voiced in Nyoongar English are a collection of his best. Nyoongar histories pay necessary attention to a way of life forced by colonisation. Taylor has …

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