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Sibanda and the Rainbird

Book Cover Sibanda and the Rainbird

Sibanda and the Rainbird

Author: C.M. Elliott

Publisher: Hachette

If you like your crime in exotic locations and mixed with occasional encounters with lions and elephants, this is the book for you. Sibanda and the Rainbird is set in and around the bush outpost of Gubu in Zimbabwe. Detective Sibanda is a clever, impatient man who makes life challenging for his somewhat confused sidekick, Sergeant Ncube. Comparisons have been drawn between this and the books of Alexander McCall Smith but Sibanda is not as generous of spirit as Ma Ramotswe and the tone of the work is not as fundamentally joyful. Nevertheless, Sibanda and the Rainbird is a truly entertaining read with a seriously gruesome crime at its heart and Sibanda and Ncube are a quirky crime-busting duo destined to have a big future.

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