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Poems that do not sleep

Poems that do not sleep

Author: Hassan Al Nawwab

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: June 2021

Hassan Al Nawwab is a former Iraqi soldier who came to Australia after the war with his family 20 years ago. Poems that do not sleep is a beautifully written collection of poems on war and exile, and Hassan has brought the tears, sorrow, terror, and homesickness of the refugee to the pages. They cannot and should not be missed. The bilingual collection is in two parts, Tree Flying and Diaspora. Each poem is presented in Arabic and English and the translation is excellent in both directions. It does not matter in which language one reads this collection, the poetry comes to life in an accessible and magical way. The writing rises with integrity and brutal honesty and leaves you questioning whether you wish to embrace the sadness of the words or the gratitude for the wisdom they leave in your soul. The journey of the exiled is of sighs, gasps, and poems. ‘What do you say?’ asks Hassan Al Nawwab.

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