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Once: A Selection of Short Short Stories

Book cover of Once published by Night Parrot Press

Once: A Selection of Short Short Stories

Author: various contributors, ed. Linda Martin and Laura Keenan

Publisher: Night Parrot Press

Once is a little book with lots of heart. It will actually fit in your back pocket. The stories are short, in fact they are very short, ranging from a sentence or two to a few paragraphs. To create a short story takes a rare kind of discipline, but a short story in just a few paragraphs? Genius! From thirty wonderfully diverse contributors, readers will uncover little gems that may evoke past sorrows, incite anxiety, prompt thigh-slapping laughter, encourage different thinking and capture the imagination. We won’t play favourites by naming specific stories, as attempting to describe any one story would take more up more words than the story itself. Once offers a welcome pause for reflection and is perfect for when you need a shot of inspiration. Grab yourself this little pocketful of wonder and relish each moment.

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