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Money School

Book cover of Money School by Lacey Filipich

Money School

Author: Lacey Filipich

Publisher: Penguin Life

Money School is a practical, easy-to-read guide that demystifies the path to financial independence, which Lacey Filipich believes is the ‘key to building the life you really want.’ She offers advice about saving money to create a financial buffer, before exploring pros and cons of various investment options, and warnings about potential pitfalls. While it explores the ‘power of passive income’, this is most certainly not a get-rich-quick manifesto. Instead, becoming financially independent and time rich (FITR) requires time, energy, and a willingness to conduct your own research. In Filipich’s own words, there is ‘not a one-size-fits-all answer. It’s a what-size-fits-you-answer’. Money School would make a great gift for young people learning how to manage their money, although it is never too late to improve your financial literacy.

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