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Book cover for Gastronauts by James Foley


Author: James Foley

Illustrator: James Foley

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: 2018

Twelve-year-old Sally Tinker is back with her latest invention! But calamity strikes when her baby brother swallows the contents of a test tube containing the invention and the army of smartbots programmed to protect it, along with a shrinkified Sally and her friend Charli. Sally and Charli must journey inside Joe’s body, outsmart the smartbots, and shut down the invention before Joe is turned into a superbaby supervillain. Primary-aged readers will love this third instalment in Foley’s hilarious S. Tinker Inc. series of graphic novels. In keeping with the shrinkification theme, observant eyes will find bonus jokes and visual gags in miniature. Adventure, young scientists, endless fart jokes, tiny attack bots, and a comic book format – this book has it all!

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