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Crocs Stole My Socks

Crocs Stole My Socks

Author: Kylie Howarth

Illustrator: Kylie Howarth

Publisher: Affirm Press

Published: September 2023

Crocs Stole My Socks is a delightful and engaging children’s book that tackles a common struggle for parents and caregivers – convincing children to wear socks. Kylie Howarth crafts a charming and relatable story that not only entertains young readers but also serves as a valuable parenting tool for addressing excuses, consequences and fostering responsibility.

The story centres around a young boy named Lex who constantly finds excuses for not wearing socks. Lex blames his missing socks on all sorts of animals and their whacky uses for his socks. Until one day when Lex cannot wear his shoes and is left barefoot while helping his grandmother on the farm, he lands himself in a sticky situation.

Through Lex’s imaginative excuses, Howarth skilfully shows how children often try to avoid things they find uncomfortable or inconvenient. Parents and caregivers will undoubtedly recognise the cheeky attitude of Lex in their own children, which makes the story so relatable and endearing.

One of the book’s strengths is its ability to address a common parenting challenge with humour and creativity. The real-world problem Lex faces shows children, in a light and playful way, one of the many potential (albeit less severe) consequences of their actions.

The book also opens the door to important conversations about honesty and communication. Parents can use Lex’s excuses as a starting point to discuss how it’s better to express their concerns or discomfort directly rather than making up elaborate stories. This aspect of the book encourages healthy communication between children and caregivers.

Howarth’s clever storytelling coupled with the vibrant, textured, and eye-catching illustrations, makes it an engaging and educational read. It’s a must-have addition to any children’s bookshelf, where it can spark meaningful conversations while entertaining young readers.


Reviewed by Jess Checkland

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