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Claire Malone Changes the World

Book cover of Claire Malone Changes the World

Claire Malone Changes the World

Author: Nadia L. King

Illustrator: Alisa Knatko

Publisher: Dixi Books

Claire Malone and her cat Marmalade live in a small town next to sea and mountains. Unfortunately, Claire is a child who doesn’t play. Instead she wakes early and spends her time online on her phone, reading and worrying about the world’s problems. Her biggest fear is the Internet not working! She writes numerous letters in an effort to change the things she is concerned about, but without anyone listening. One day she looks out the window and discovers the nearby playground falling apart. Claire writes another letter but this time she involves her community in her campaign and for once her efforts are rewarded. This beautifully illustrated story celebrates young change-makers and light-heartedly questions the effect of modern technology on children while exploring what really makes a difference in their lives.

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