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Beneath the Trees

Book cover of Beneath the Trees by Cristy Burne

Beneath the Trees

Author: Cristy Burne

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Another ripping yarn from Cristy Burne sure to delight fans of her previous adventure stories To the Lighthouse and Off the Track, all published by Fremantle Press.

When four young cousins set off to explore the rainforest and spot a platypus in need of help, their rescue attempt goes seriously wrong. Battling relentless rain, a rapidly flooding river, muddy landslides, bloodsucking leeches and the very real possibility of hypothermia, the resourceful Cam must dig deep into her reserves in order to lead her cousins to safety.

Basing the story on a real holiday with her family in Eungella National Park in Queensland, the author weaves an authentic, exciting tale of adventure which is both testament to the power and resilience of young people and a celebration of the natural world. Short, punchy sentences and vivid imagery really capture the sense of urgency of the situation, with Amanda Burnett’s delightful illustrations adding an extra dimension to the story. Clever pops of humour relieve the tension, mitigating some of the horror of the situation and the story moves along at a furious pace. Confident readers will devour it in one hit and be begging for more.

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