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Alexandra Rose and her Icy-cold Toes

Book cover of Alexandra Rose and her Icy Cold Toes

Alexandra Rose and her Icy-cold Toes

Author: Monique Mulligan

Illustrator: Kat Fox

Publisher: Serenity Press

How does one solve the dilemma of icy-cold toes? Well, little Miss Alexandra Rose thinks she knows! Monique Mulligan’s latest picture-book is a playful story about an energetic young early-riser, misguidedly attempting to problem solve — with help from her peacefully sleeping family. As Alexandra Rose wanders barefoot through her quiet, sleepy home on a “brr-cold” morning, she begins to “sh-sh-shiver”. Every family member she disturbs with her mischievous attempts to warm up her alarmingly cold toes gives her the same emphatic advice, and young readers will enjoy repeating this advice with increasing enthusiasm. Paired with vibrant and expressive illustrations by Kat Fox, Monique Mulligan’s story will have you popping on some fluffy socks and cosying up for a giggle-filled family read.

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