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Brooke Dunnell’s The Glass House tells the tale of Julia Lambett, a thirty-something year old Melbournian woman whose marriage is dissolving behind a facade of performative normalcy. When Julia’s elderly …

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Marick is a haunted chaplain clinging to a compromised conception of faith. Hugo is a scientist, eccentric and brilliant, incubating miracles in the depths of a hospital laundry. Their lives …

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When university student Gracie Flynn dies in tragic circumstances, her three friends—Robyn, Cohen and Sam—deal with the aftermath in their own way. Instead of leaning on each other, they drift …

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Alan Fyfe’s debut novel T is immersed in the world of Timothy Ami, or ‘T’,  a youth meth dealer/user servicing the Peel region. The novel is meditative and lyrical, affording …

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In the State of Excitement is Scottish-Australian writer Paul Laverty’s third book, this time a collection of short-short stories and some slightly longer stories set in each of 52 Perth …

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