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In The Madwoman’s Coat Ian Reid consolidates his reputation for absorbing historical fiction. Reid draws imaginatively from the history of late nineteenth-century England and Western Australia, and from old Icelandic …

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The Boy from Birdum is a treat on many levels. With the deft execution of an old school drop punt, Bill Dempsey and Steve Hawke have collaborated to share Dempsey’s …

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Homecoming is a painful and beautiful book of poetry by Elfie Shiosaki, a Noongar and Yawuru writer, which combines personal, cultural and family history into a powerful collection. Following the …

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Most young children are captivated by insects and will happily while away hours in the garden observing the creatures that live there, and Helen Milroy’s Backyard Bugs is the perfect …

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Pushing Back comprises thirty-seven gems of fiction by John Kinsella; one of Australia’s literary treasures. While characters, eras, settings, and forms vary, the stories throughout examine human behaviour with unsettling, …

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When the garrulous and slightly annoying Gloria stops eating, sleeping, and talking, her recently-made-redundant salesman husband Bernard does not know what to do. Their decades-long marriage has produced a son, …

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