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Side Walks

5 October


Side Walks is a dynamic, one-day celebration of storytelling in its various forms across Northbridge and the Perth CBD. Bringing together artists, writers, journalists, and poets, Side Walks presents six unique events in venues both usual and unusual.

Six events, split into two phases, will be held over Saturday 5 October 2019.

Phase one will involve three events throughout Perth City: ‘A Queer History’, ‘Taking Up Space’, and ‘Mugshot’. Local venues will include Moore Contemporary, The Mess at Uncle Joe’s Barbershop and more.

Phase two will involve three events: ‘Listen and Learn’, ‘The Book That Changed My Life’, and ‘Bad Boys of Literature’. Local venues will include Centre for Stories, Muir Books, and Alex Hotel.

All six events are free.

A Queer History (12.00 pm – 12.45 pm at Moore Contemporary)

Jay Anderson and guests explore the individual and collective struggles and triumphs of the Perth queer community. They will look at what Perth was like previously and what it’s like now for people who identify as LGBTQAI+. How has the queer community been helped by others and how has it helped others in turn?

Taking Up Space (1.15 pm – 2.00 pm at Museum of Perth)

From The Young Boxing Woman Project, Mani Gomes, Lisa Longman (CEO) and Shenali Perera (Program Facilitator) weave personal stories with socio-political commentary. They discuss the practice of claiming space – an act of rebellion in a world that tells women to stay in their lane.

Mugshot (2.30 pm – 3.15 pm at The Mess at Uncle Joe’s)

Building on the popularity of the Northbridge Crime Walk, this panel will look at the dark and untold stories of our neighbourhood. Join Adie Chapman with two of Western Australia’s best loved crime writers, Sean Cowan and David Whish-Wilson, as they discuss the history of local organised crime and how it has influenced the city as we know it today.

Listen and Learn (3.45 pm – 4.30 pm at Centre for Stories)

Join Marion Kickett in conversation with two academics from the Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University. They will discuss using storytelling in academic spaces, drawing from life experiences to make sense of complex issues.

The Book That Changed My Life (5 pm – 5.45 pm at Muir Books)

Some books will always have a special place in our hearts. The books that inspired us, comforted us, or called us to action. The provocative, contemplative and challenging. The books that divide our lives into ‘before’ and ‘after’, never to be the same again. Local writers Tinashe Jakwa, Alicia Tuckerman, and Raphael Farmer discuss the pivotal books of their lives.

Bad Boys of Literature (6.15 pm – 7 pm at Alex Hotel)

Join us for a bit of light-hearted banter focused around our favourite bad boys in literature. Local writers Emily Paull, Raihanaty A Jalil, and Laurie Steed will dissect and analyse the naughty characters we take for granted in centuries of well-loved literature. From Mr Darcy and Patrick Bateman, to Edward Cullen and Christian Grey, we’ll ask what attracts us to the broody, possessive, and the downright psychopathic. Whatever happened to the nice guy?


Centre for Stories
100 Aberdeen Street
Northbridge, WA 6003 Australia
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