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Courageous Connections Between Land & People 1, Writing in the Anthropocene

20 September @ 5:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Image description: a large tree branch sits diagonally across the photo with the words "courageous connections" handwritten in chalk along the bark. Behind the branch is a clearing and green folliage in the far background.

We’re facing vast human-caused changes to our planet in our lifetimes from climate change and environmental decline with all the worry and uncertainty it brings. We’re going to need understanding, solace and radical new ways of seeing, thinking and acting into the future.

This is the first workshop in a series (each independently booked) expressing what we are facing in order to then re-invent new ways of seeing, thinking and living with our planet as part of nature.

Under the guidance of poet Cath Drake, participants will use a range of prompts, including contemporary poetry, quotes and provocative questioning. It will be fairly fast-paced with some group discussions.

This workshop is for poets, but also non-fiction and fiction writers, ideally with some previous experience of writing. If you’re fairly new to writing it should still be very enjoyable and useful, but note, this isn’t an introduction to writing course.

There will be a longer batch of workshops in 2022 and perhaps an ongoing group

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