2020 Summit Report

posted in News on 1 June, 2008

The Prime Minister announced the public release of the Final Report of the Australia 2020 Summit on 31 May 2008. The full report, and individual chapters, are available to download here .

Below is an extract of the "Top Ideas" presented in the Chapter Towards a Creative Australia: The future of the arts, film and design.

Top Ideas

Link the creative arts and education

Bring art into our schools by introducing ‘practitioners in residence’ via a national mentoring plan funded by philanthropic funds and tax incentives

Mandate creative, visual and performing arts subjects in national curricula with appropriate reporting requirements for schools. Explore new opportunities for extension and development such as Creativity Summer Schools, pre-service and in-service training for teachers

Digitise the collections of major national institutions by 2020

Make creativity a national research priority with funding access to R&D, ARC and similar funding

Develop new investment and support models

Create a National Endowment Fund for the Arts – incorporating public endowment and private philanthropy (including patronage), and provide a wide range of support including loans and grants; a review of philanthropy and tax incentives to support organisations and individual artists and expand the scope of Prescribed Private Funds

Fund creative endeavours through a 1% Creativity Dividend from all Government Departments for expenditure on arts (including design, performance, installation)

Develop mechanisms to reward success

Federal responsibility for public liability obligations for arts organisations

Indigenous core and centrality of arts and design

Creativity is central to Australian life and Indigenous culture is at the core of this. To measure, document and leverage the strengths of this culture, and articulate the role and improve protection of Indigenous cultures, languages and heritage through a National Indigenous Cultural Authority

A whole of government approach to the arts, culture, design and the creative economy across all sectors, including improved resourcing, linkages and access by using broadband connections and including building connections between sports and arts

Facilitate artists in residence across all industries and institutions to engage in story-telling, sense-making and capacity-building for citizens and

Develop a national Cultural and Design Strategy and Policy